Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nick clegg is a @$%***! idiots!

I watched on tv last night nick clegg giving a "poltiical broadcast" which he told people that if "they were in" they should use a stupid hashtag to say so...... and that they should let nobody tell them to get out of the eu.... I got a plan I will use my twitterbot to erm.... mass tell that twitter hashtag exactly what I think.......LOL... PROXIES YES?! oKAY AT THE READY!


EU are idiots... google new anti trust settlement

The eu has forced Google to show competitors links in the search results.. ie other search engines like shopzilla and stuff like that... for a much smaller fee than other google ads.. when google shows google shopping google must now display alternatives with images if google uses images to comply with the new settlement.. the eu has done this to protect eu... but I think the EU isn't protecting consumers and is corrupt. The idea is dumb....This is just dumb! To protect consumers you increase the prominence of organic results which are after all the most popular with people as organic results are........Now people have yet another way to exploit consumers too.... EU=DICTATORSHIP WHICH NOBODY VOTED FOR!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Godaddy auctions bidders are stupid!

People who bid on godaddy auctions must be out of their stupid minds... You get morons who bid up the prices and bring attention to good quality high pr domains days before the auction ends... its so stupid. Plus you get on juts about every auction bidder 1 and I dont think I have ever seen "bidder 1" ever win a auction or make another bid after the first one ever which is a bit suspect. People on godaddy auctions or complete morons who have more money than sense... another thing I saw was that people were actually bidding over $3,700 for a fake pr 10 domain with thousands of spam links pointing to it... what on earth... do people really think that they can even buy a pr10... there are only probably 10 websites on the internet that have a pr of 10! If you are dumb enough to bid on a auction on godaddy 8 days before the end of it... you will just bring attention to it and more importantly it will be sent to the active auctions list were tons of people will see it and start bidding on it if it has more than 2 bids.. so dont do it you stupid freaks!